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Bythe provincial government had funded a new extension and the Hotel now consisted of two parts: The ideal eight steps required for implementing the change were not followed and there were flaws in almost each of the eight steps. Emerging competition Meanwhile in the local cityscape, new four and five-star hotels were nearing completion to commence operations that were in direct competition with the Roaring Dragon.

Methodology From May to DecemberJune to July,and November to Decemberresearch into the modus operandi of guanxi was carried out at a four-star hotel referred to here as the Roaring Dragon Hotel in south-west China.

Changes should have been implemented in a phase wise and planned manner. Infrastructural Changes HI decided to replace the old section of the hotel by a five star wing.

In recent years, the hotel business environment in south-west China has undergone significant changes. Room rates were cheaper in the old section and so it attracted Chinese visitors searching for quality economy accommodation. Being a state owned enterprise SOE with a long and colourful history, it was 2 The names of all people and places have been changed to protect the research sources.

In late July, they offered Grainger, S. As insurance, it was stipulated in the contract that Nothill would take over the management of the Hotel. In late July, they offered Grainger, S. It was easy as the Hotel was overstaffed, jobs were secure, and besides no Chinese manager wanted to be responsible for firing potentially well connected, lazy or unproductive employees.

This was the first official agreement between the two parties and it had proven a cumbersome task. The organisational culture was relaxed with several employees indulging in private business.

The kitchen had more than 70 chefs, many of whom did very little productive work. Left with a smaller number of rooms to service, redundancy was going to be an issue that Nothill was going to have to deal with. People from Chinese background should also have been part of the top management.

Roaring Dragon Hotel Essay Sample

All business associations with Nu FU were cancelled and this resulted in loss of business. All managers and supervisors worked 8 hours a day and were busy all the time. One of the best example would be Roaring Dragon hotel which had a successful history but then later it had a great downfall, due to which the change of management.

Roaring Dragon Hotel

“Roaring Dragon Hotel” is a three-star hotel that is located in the southwest part of china. In this case we mainly focus on the challenge involved with redundancy, communication, cultural sensitivity, strategic planning and developing strategy.

Roaring Dragon Hotel Tina Hunt Sullivan University MGT The Roaring Dragon Hotel This case looks at the take over the Roaring Dragon Hotel (RDH) which is located in south west China, and was one of the original three star hotel and is a state owned enterprise.

RDH is very rich in culture and the employees relied on their guanxi or connections. Roaring Dragon Hotel Case Analysis over the RDH to see if theres other options in that situation to improve the hotel better.

(3) What lessons did you learn from this case that you would apply to Words: — Pages: 4 Roaring Dragon and function. Below is an essay on "Roaring Dragon Hotel" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Introduction: The Roaring Dragon Hotel was a state owned enterprise. It was one of the original hotels in south-west China. The Roaring 20's Essay examples; The Roaring 20's Essay examples. Words May 3rd, 3 Pages. Roaring Dragon Hotel Words | 61 Pages; The Roaring 20's Dbq Essay examples Words | 7 Pages; Prosperity of the 20's Words | 8 Pages; The Roaring Twenties in Colorado Essay.

Roaring dragon hotel essay example
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