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Agent hereby directs Merchant to take such action as is specified on Exhibit 5. Investigators would later discover that HBOC was not all it had claimed to be in its financial reports.

Recipients of the scholarship will remain eligible and may apply for reappointment. Giant Eagle agrees to grant Merchant's Warehouse employees working in accounts payable access to such employees' existing workspace in the Warehouse for a period of three months from the Closing Date, provided, however, that Merchant shall remove such employees from the Warehouse prior to such three 3 month date upon thirty 30 days written notice from Giant Eagle.

In re Nunn, 49 B. Mosse and the Mosse children to be given annually for tuition of a deserving recipient who meets the following qualifications: Smith had claimed to sell amounts in excess of total estimated world supplies for certain potions.

On or prior to July 18,the Court shall have entered an order substantially in the form of Exhibit Beal was influential in the progress of pharmacy throughout his lifetime.

He worked in community and hospital pharmacies and then went to work for Pfizer, Inc. For many years he gave the invocation at the annual alumni dinner and many Allegheny County Pharmaceutical events.

Which specific sections of SOX. Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions precedent set forth in Section 16 hereof, the Store Closing Sale shall commence at each Store on the day, which the Agent, in its sole discretion, begins the Store Closing Sale such date with respect to each Store being the "Sale Commencement Date".

Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. He received his BS in pharmacy from Fordham University and came to the University of Pittsburgh to study pharmaceutical economics—a graduate program at that time.

As used herein, the following terms have the following respective meanings: He settled the SEC case against him by accepting a permanent injunction barring future violations and barring him from servicing as officer or director of a publicly-held company.

Merchant and Agent shall jointly employ a mutually acceptable inventory taking service to conduct the Inventory Taking. Merchant and Agent shall cause to be taken an inventory taking at the Warehouse, which inventory taking shall occur as soon as practicable following the Closing Date and which shall be taken on a Cost Value basis the "Warehouse Inventory Taking," together with the Store Inventory Taking, the "Inventory Taking".

From and after the date of this Agreement, Merchant shall not transfer or dismiss employees of the Stores except "for cause" without Agent's prior consent. The Court concludes that a reasonable person would alter their opinion of Defendants based on a reading of the complaint, because it contains allegations of wrongdoing against the Defendants for, in essence, the acts of Mr.

They argue that their sole means of protection is by way of sealing the record. Each year it is awarded to minority students in the pre-professional and professional program who have expressed an interest in practicing in the inner city.

Annual scholarships are given to P-3 and P-4 students on the basis of academic performance and need. Prior to the Closing Date, Agent shall have the right to further direct the Merchant, on the Closing Date, to transfer directly to other third parties all right, title and interest in any Assets and to require that, in the event that the Sarasota Option is exercised, the Sarasota Lease be assumed and assigned to a Sarasota Lease Designee as of the Closing Date or as soon as practicable thereafter.

In the event that Agent elects so to use Merchant's credit card facilities, Merchant shall process credit card transactions on behalf of Agent and for Agent's account, applying customary practices and procedures.

Kobrin in memory of his mother, Bessie Black Kobrin, Class of For purposes of calculating such adjustments, the Cost Value of the Merchandise will be calculated, pursuant to Section 9 hereof, based upon i the final certified report of the Inventory Taking Service after verification and reconciliation by Merchant and Agent and ii Gross Rings.

The discretion lies not in whether a court may protect an interested party, but in whether the matters complained of fall within the exception and in what type of protective remedy is necessary under the facts of each case.

The substance of Equity Rule 26 directed a judge to order the expungement of any scandalous or impertinent material contained in a bill filed with the court.

The parties hereto have agreed upon the Guaranteed Amount based upon the assumption that as of the Closing Date, Merchant shall have, on a Cost Value basis: Defendants must show that they are an interested party, a fact Intervenor does not contest and which the Court finds to be applicable.

Any transfers of any Assets to CVS or its designees pursuant to the Agreement, shall have the benefit of any representations, warranties and indemnifications and all other benefits given or granted to Agent by Merchant under this Agreement.

A hearing was then held on Defendants' motion and the Court has had an opportunity to consider the arguments of Defendants' counsel as well as of counsel for the Intervenor.

The transfer and sale of any of the Assets shall be effected by delivery by Merchant to the designee of Agent at any time Agent so directs of such agreements, deeds, bills of sale, endorsements, assignments, and other good and sufficient instruments of sale, transfer, assignment, conveyance, and warrant and all consents of third parties necessary thereto as are required, pursuant to Court order under Section and of the Bankruptcy Code and other applicable bankruptcy law, to vest in the designee of Agent good, marketable and insurable title to the Assets, free and clear of all liens, claims, encumbrances for borrowed money indebtedness and security interests of any nature or kind whatsoever except for specifically assumed liabilities.

Annual scholarships will be given to deserving students in the School of Pharmacy and to a P4 student registered for an international rotation. The problem was Monus was losing over seven thousand dollars per night the league was in operation so to cover losses Monus was taking money from Phar-Mor to cover the WBL losses.

In retrospect, it almost seems as if Phar-Mor was never more than a way for Monus to obtain money for his other pet project — the World Basketball League, a scheme whose failure would be costly for Phar-Mor. Accordingly, the Court grants Plaintiff leave for a period of thirty 30 days to withdraw the complaint filed in this adversary proceeding.

Moreover, Defendants' counsel asserts that the unsealing of the record would make public a document which includes untrue allegations by Phar-Mor against the named Defendants. Hoffman provided for the establishment, by his wife, Gertrude N. Phor-Mor Fraud Essay example. when they informed Phar-Mor in advance which stores they would visit.

No, all the blame shouldn’t go to Monus. All the persons involved above are to blame. Preventing fraud is a responsibility for all levels of financial management from staff to accountant to the chief financial officer. A successor auditor should request the new client to authorize the predecessor auditor to allow a review of the predecessor’s Engagement letter Working papers a.

Yes Yes b. Yes No c. No Yes d. No No -. Phar-Mor Inc Essay Assignment 1: Phar-Mor Inc For example, in Phar-Mor, the company knew that the auditors would spend a lot of time looking at inventory due to Phar-Mor being in a retail industry.

Phar-Mor Inc

Phar Mor Essay example. A View of an Accounting Fraud and Litigation from Inside the Courtroom What the Jury Heard in the Phar­Mor Case 1 In the Phar‐Mor case, several members of top management confessed to, and were convicted of.

Order Details/Description The Case of Phar-Mor Inc Read "The Case of Phar-Mor Inc." which can be accessed through the DeVry online library.

In pages (pt type, double-spaced) summarize the case and answer the following questions: 1. Phar-Mor Inc. 1. 2 cases which companies have committed fraud by misstating inventory: • Rocky Mount Undergarment Company, Inc.

• Leslie Fay Company 2. Intentional misstatements of inventory is difficult to detect, as was in the case of Phar-Mor, Inc.

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