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Buddhist Temple in Nagadeepa Nagadipa The ancient temple encompasses the image houses and the stupa in which the gem-set throne was enshrined before it was destroyed.

There is no entry fees to this place and if you want you can make donation but not compulsory. The whole experience was quite surreal. But the boats are often crowded and dirty. On the right of the entrance is a large life saver-shaped stone, an ancient anchor.

They are building a large Buddha statue within the grounds. When you sit and meditate of course you feel some good vibration. Many other priests who has got arrived at the temple enjoys remaining eventually due the worries with the dark colored causes making merely this priest to provide for the temple.

Must go to Nagadipa as a buddhist even once in life ysa [TA], 05 Oct. On to your left, on the seaside is a Bo Tree.

But another reason I looked forward to it was because Somawathiya featured heavily in one of my favourite books as a child and it was a childhood dream to one day visit the area The Somawathiya area consists mainly of the Somawathiya Chethiya and the surrounding thick forest, which is the Somawathiya strict natural reserve and wildlife sanctuary.

Somawathiya is famous for huge herds of elephants although they have reduced in number in the past few years and this is mainly because the area consists of villu marshes with water tolerant and aquatic plants which the elephants love to eat.

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Pilgrims have been coming to the Nagadeepa since about the 1st century AC to worship at its famous Rajayathana stupa. Now the war have been ended, and like to wish be it forever. Somawathiya National Park The Somawathiya strict natural reserve and wildlife sanctuary is under the purview of the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

However on either side of the side entrance to the temple there are two very ancient objects. Nainathivu is an island that maintains peace and religious coexistence among citizens of ethnic differences. There are two main entrances to this Kovil has a court yard and a large indoor tank.

Be prepared for a very small boat and be prepared to wear a lifejacket. One of the 3 main sites Lord Buddha had visited. Better boat facilities are a must. The total distance from Jaffna city to the Pungudutivu Island is 30 KM and there is a regular public and private bus service. It is believed that the gravel road that leads to the temple was the original course of the river.

From Minneriya, you should take left turn to the Higurakgoda. Kayts is in turn reached by a longer causeway, again over the Palk Bay from the city Jaffna. According to the golden Sannasa Wallipuram, committed to writing during the reign of king Vasabha, it is the present Jaffna Peninsula that was identified as Nagadeepa.

In March it actually was stated that this sculpture was actually stolen from the temple.

The Mystic Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya at Mahiyanganaya

The park is one of the four national parks belonging to the Mahaweli River Development Project. I was looking forward to the visit but was rather disappointed to see how the place has got "politicalised" with temple is full of pictures of the ex president and his brothers and all ministers.

This temple is considered as the most prominent Hindu religious attraction in the Jaffna peninsula. Time is for the real patriot Buddhists to do something for one Sri Lanka. Be prepared for a very rough trip on bumpy bitumen roads.

The followers who worship here seek the blessings of the Goddess Ambal Devi for the well-being of their offspring and for this reason many parents bring their new-born to the site. On the left as you enter is a large stone with an inscription of Parakramabahu I on it. It is beautiful and with wate around it.

It;s easier and faster. However, many archaeological surveys also had been done by the department of archaeology in the University of Jaffna. There are two shrine rooms at the Viharaya premises. Nagadeepa Viharaya The island of Nagadeepa lying about 24 km away from the mainland was once inhabited with people belonging to Naga clan.

According to the chronicles, a great battle erupted between two Naga kings, Chulodara and Mahodara over the claim of a gem-studded throne.

Nagadeepa Viharaya Essay - Millions of harsh Sunrays covered the Nainativu Island, and the visitors were nearly burnt from the heat. The nature’s efforts to stop the crowd from entering the peaceful Island was in vain, as there were many numbers of devotees present even on a. Sep 09,  · Nagadipa Purana Vihara is a Buddhist temple located on one of the small islands at North of Sri Lanka called Nainativu Island.

To get there you have to travel by boat from Punkudutivu. To get to Punkudutivu from Jaffna you will be traveling across a Location: Nagadipa / Nainativu Island, Jaffna Nagadipa Purana Viharaya The famous Buddhist temple ‘Nagadeepa Raja Maha Viharaya’ is located on the same island in close proximity to the Sri Nagapooshani Amman Kovil.

Nainathivu is an island that maintains peace and religious coexistence among citizens of ethnic differences. There are Hindu temples, a viharaya and a Muslim masjid. Tamil Buddhists and Terrorism Thilanka Manoj Siriwardana [email protected] Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology University of Kelaniya Nagadeepa Purana Vihara or Nainativu is a shining example of inter racial harmony in Srilanka.

Nagadeepa situated in Jaffna district in Northern Province of Srilanka. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Dante's Inferno: Dante's Journey Toward Enlightenment - Dante's Inferno: Dante's Journey Toward Enlightenment While reading Dante’s Inferno I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the journey of the protagonist and the belief system of the Buddhist religion.

Nagadeepa viharaya essay
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Nallur Kovil, Jaffna