Gestational diabetes essay example

Long term diabetes causes high blood sugar levels, which in extreme cases can render a person comatose or even dead. In the normal body process, digestion allows the glucose to be used up by the tissues and cells of the body for energy, growth and repair. She is then instructed to fast for hours.

This case is commonly known as macrosomia. Activities of daily living which are advantageous include taking the stairs instead of elevators and walking to work if possible.

Similarly, there was a greater weight loss between the enrollment time and the postpartum visit in women receiving metformin compared to insulin. Pay only for approved parts Diabetes Essay Sample Posted on December 9, by EssayShark Introduction Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is a complex group of diseases caused by a number of reasons.

Although the situation may only last a few moments, the death of a child will be with the family forever. Due to the convenience, women preferred metformin to insulin treatment.

It implicitly supports the proposed changes of this study because of its link between diet and disease. We will write your paper from scratch. So, although the body contains large amount of sugar in the blood, it is not able to convert this into the desired component to fuel the cells.

It can be in the form of doing exercises but it does not necessitate heavy workouts.

Gestational Diabetes Essays (Examples)

In order for glucose to get inside the cells, a hormone called insulin must be available. Pregnant women may also acquire the condition during pregnancy. Therefore, at times, the pre-prandial administration of RHI cannot control the elevated postprandial blood glucose.

It usually occurs during the later stages of pregnancy after the baby has been formed but is still growing.

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However recent studies have also proposed that steps leading to the development of GDM is begun by the fetus itself. Evaluation of maternal blood glucose levels is also a responsibility of the nurse.

Congenital anomalies and severe maternal ketoacidosis put a fetus at risk for death. It is a disease that requires careful monitoring of both mother and child to ensure a safe pregnancy.

Some infants are born LGA, large for gestational age, which results from increased levels of glucose crossing the placenta. Several clinical studies have shown fewer episodes of hypoglycemia, strict sugar control and higher reduction in HbA1c levels in pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes Essay example - Along with all the worries and complications a woman might face while pregnant, one of the more serious conditions is gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes occurs in 4% of all pregnancies (Seibel, ). Gestational diabetes happens when there is a development of high blood sugar level in pregnant women not previously diagnosed of diabetes.

For mothers who had gestational diabetes during their first pregnancy, the probability that it will occur in subsequent pregnancies is approximately two-thirds. The provided diabetes essay sample is a.

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Nov 19,  · Gestational Diabetes is a diagnosis of diabetes during pregnancy. This diagnosis is usually obtained about the 24th week of pregnancy after taking a blood glucose test. A diagnosis of gestational diabetes does not mean the individual is going to become diabetic after pregnancy or was diabetic prior to pregnancy.

Diabetes. Diabetes, also known as Diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder in which the human body stops producing enough insulin in order to curb rising sugar levels or does not produce it at all. Diabetes is complicated in itself and gestational diabetes is a more acute risk that entails two lives instead of one.

It is a disease that requires careful monitoring of both mother and child to ensure a safe pregnancy. In this essay, I will be discussing one of the factors which are (GDM) gestational diabetes mellitus which affects the normal physiological pregnancy state.

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is defined as carbohydrate in tolerance resulting in hyperglycaemia of variable severity with its onset and first recognition during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes essay example
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